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Chalet de’ Roubaix

Chalet de’ Roubaix

Home #9, Chalet de’ Roubaix, built by E Builders, stands as a remarkable showcase in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. This luxurious home epitomizes modern elegance and sophistication with its meticulous design and high-end finishes. Featuring expansive living spaces and cutting-edge amenities, Chalet de’ Roubaix captures the essence of contemporary living while maintaining a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Each detail, from the architectural lines to the interior decor, has been thoughtfully curated to provide both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence, making it a standout in this prestigious event.

A highlight of Chalet de’ Roubaix is the stunning Shoreline Series garage doors from Vidor Garage Door, which significantly enhance the home’s exterior appeal. These doors, in Folkstone Design and White Oak finish, blend seamlessly with the home’s overall aesthetic, adding a touch of natural warmth and elegance. The combination of the Folkstone Design’s modern look and the rich, textured finish of White Oak provides a unique and stylish entryway that complements the home’s architectural integrity. These garage doors not only offer a beautiful facade but also promise durability and quality, embodying the exceptional standards upheld by E Builders in their construction.

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