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Vidor Door X Diesel Brothers Giveaway.

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When it comes to custom projects, NO ONE knows how to select the fine details better than Dave Sparks (aka Heavy D) and Keaton Hoskins (aka the Muscle) of the Diesel Brothers reality television show. So when these two decided to build their ultimate dream homes, the only choice for their custom personalized garage doors was Vidor Door. Their individual home styles are different. However, no matter the taste or customization, Vidor Garage Door has it covered.

In celebration of the completion of their amazing dream homes, we are so excited to partner with Dave and Keaton to do a GIVEAWAY! $20,000 worth of custom Vidor Garage Doors for one lucky winner. That means one lucky winner can customize their dream home just like the Diesel Brothers did.

What Can the winner do with the Giveaway Prize!

  1.      * Winner can use towards any Vidor Garage Door Products

     * Winner can use towards shipping costs if needed (Vidor will arrange through 3rd party provider)
     * Winner can use towards installation costs if needed (Vidor will arrange with a qualified installer)